This is my website, which is mostly just links to stuff, but I hope you enjoy!


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Pretty much everything you need to know (if you want to know) about me is in my listography profile.


Here are some stuff I made that you can check out.

Shapeways 3D Prints

You can now get prints of these little fellas in 3D, thanks to Shapeways!

(I have one of, uh, "myself" (Lu9), it's good stuff)

Redbubble Prints

Art prints on shirts, stickers, laptop & phone cases, and more!


You can contact me through

Discord: LuNiney#1647

Telegram: LuNiney2

E-mail: lucaslemmerick (at) hotmail.com

Twitter: @LuNiney

More links and stuff in listography.

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